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My name is Zacchaeous Brooks and I am the founder of 1 Of 1 Performance Solution. Before 2016, when I retired as an NFL running back, well over a decade of my life was completely consumed in pursuit of the superior fitness required to compete in what many would characterize as one of the most physically demanding sports on earth.

      I now refer to these formative years as my “fitness journey”. During my fitness journey, I was exposed to just about every fitness training system imaginable. Many were gimmicks; little different than the unsustainable fad diets we’ve all seen come and go. Others were the real deal, yet inevitably lacking in one important respect or another. Even so, in my drive to succeed I did my very best to absorb, catalog and separate the tools and techniques that produce demonstrable, sustainable results from those that do not. 

     And then, came the epiphany that quite literally changed my life. My true passion, my one true love is the fitness process itself. I love teaching and helping others meet their fitness goal and I am good at it.  Actually, I’m really good at it. 

Zac Brooks former NFL athelete and Fitness expert

My name is Vonray Brooks, living under my dad you had to be doing something productive. All my years of productivity in the world of athletics has brought me so much knowledge. Not only was I able to pursue a college basketball career, but I also was recruited for cross country winning multiple NAIA PLAYER OF THE MONTH and numerous other awards. I've always had advanced knowledge on the human body allowing me to be able to host camps, practices, and other athletic events singe the age of 16. My practices teach anything within strengthening, endurance, speed, agility, and other detailed athletic necessities. 

I aim to boost confidence, because I never had a coach smart enough to try and boost mine and I know how much of a toll that can have on an athlete! So many of the things you can do start in your head!

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Be a Dawgggg

DeShawn Warren, former football player at Methodist University. Growing up I also played basketball. I have been training for 12 years which consists on strength training, plyometrics, and speed and agility.  This love for training continues to motivate me to bring the best out of everyone athlete. As a former athlete I am willing to inspire every athlete who wants to be the best

You gotta cherish every day, The present is a gift, the future's a mystery and the past is history. 

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